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The Pros and Cons of Invisible fence Collar

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The Pros and Cons of Invisible fence Collar

If you are a pet owner and care about the safety of your pet, this article will try to help and provide you a guideline to make the right choice for you!

 Many of you must have been facing some of the following issues: Struggling to contain or train your Dog? Having Stubborn or wandering dogs? Does Your Dog Dig under Fences? Do you find repairing or replacing your existing Physical fences very expensive? Have you recently moved to a home with a yard and no physical fence? Do you have a home without barriers and decided to adopt a dog but do not know how you could keep it on your property?

So you must now think of ways to prevent your dog from getting closer to the pool, for example, or being hit by a car or approaching other aggressive dogs and getting hurt in the end!

Furthermore keeping your dog on your property is very important, as many communities have laws against allowing dogs to roam unrestrained! The most common problem is that physical fences are costly and also regulated by local laws! So, fencing for dogs is a really hot issue for many of you!

Next we attempt to explain how does an electric invisible fence works as well as its pet fence pros and cons of using them in order to decide what the best solution is for you!

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What Is an Underground Fence For Dogs?

An underground shock collars for dogs is the most reliable and easiest solution to contain your pet to a specific area that you will have demarcated by yourself.

This system will help teach your pets what are the safe limits for play and will keep your pet away from dangerous areas such as roads, highways and swimming pools or away from out-of-bounds areas such as a neighbor's garden, flower beds, etc. .

How do Underground Invisible Dog Fences Work

Its installation and use is very simple. All you have to do is bury (or set above ground) the cable (which creates a closed loop to a transmitter box) along the perimeter of the demarcated area and place the collar on your pet. The collar will detect the signals sent by the wire and when your pet approaches the limit, the collar will make a warning beep, reminding it to keep its distance. If it continues to move forward, then the system will release gradual increases in stimulus until the pet stays away. Gradually and with frequent use of this system, your pets will learn to respect boundaries and what is the safe area for them. Compared to the heavy and expensive wooden fence or brick wall, fenceless fence for dogs is a safe and cost-effective way to keep your pet in its area. It is a completely safe and human means to discipline your pet.

Pros of Electric Dog Fences

Next are some of the advantages of choosing an invisible fence for dogs.

  • Cost effective. Many neighborhoods and developments have strict codes governing the type of fencing, if any, that is allowed and although there are less expensive versions of traditional fences, neighborhood codes often specify the types of construction materials that are allowed, like wood or iron but you have to take into account the labor costs also! Invisible electric fences are affordable for most people, even when professionally installed.
  • Easy to install. While traditional fences work well on flat yards, invisible fence works on almost any terrain. Electronic underground or above-ground dog fences can span hilly spots, wooded areas and water. Moreover you can expand your outdoor dog invisible fence by adding more wire!
  • Do not abstract the view. Invisible gates for dogs and puppies are really invisible. Electric fence for dogs does not abstract scenic views or green spaces and enhance the feeling of being outdoors. No need any more  to open and close gates.
  • Electric fences work for dogs. Some pet owners choose invisible barriers for dogs because other alternatives have failed to keep their dog inside. Some dogs either climbs over or digs under a traditional fence or chew through fences. In most cases, dogs quickly learn to stay within the boundary line.
  • Home and Pet Protection. Decreases the pet owner’s error, who often forgets to close a gate, leading to a pet escape. Furthermore intruders may be deterred by the presence of a dog in the yard since they aren’t likely to realize that the dog may not actually be able to reach them.

Cons Of Invisible Shock Fences For Dogs

Next are some reasons you might consider an option other than a fenceless dog fence

  • Training Process. In order for an electronic underground dog fence system to succeed, an appropriate training process needs to take place! The dog must learn where the fence is. This requires a training period and patience from the owner. You could watch training videos and consulting training guides. Some on Leash training is also preferred.
  • No protection. Although invisible dog fences protect dogs and not let them leave your yard, they do not stop other animals from entering the yard. Other dogs and wild animals can still access the yard and may interact aggressively with your pet dogs.
  • Inhumane method. Some claim that the shock is painful. Like a type of punishment for the dog and tends to make dogs that are not so timid, more aggressive! But the most electric fences include an audible warning or Vibration warning prior to the electric impulse and dogs learn quickly to respect the “beep” to avoid the shock. Furthermore invisible shock fences manufactured today have many levels of stimulation, to choose and only emit safe static shock correction! Again above all , it will be your willingness and patience to train your dog.
  • Inconsistency. Electronic underground dog fences sometimes break especially if they aren’t buried well in the ground. Fixing them could be a pain and you may have to dig up large sections in order to find the breakage! Also if the power supply is interrupted by a cut wire or dead battery in the collar, escape is still a possibility. Fortunately, most dogs remember their initial training and respect the perimeter even when the fence is not electrified, and you can always search the market and choose invisible fence systems with extra thick wire!!
  • Escaping. If the dog sees something he can’t resist chasing it or is frightened by something inside the yard, they may ignore the electric stimulus and escape!

So whether you considering  an electric invisible dog fence system to keep dogs in, the most important thing is to make a choice for the best of the wellbeing and the safety of your dog!



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