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We have been a Family business for over 25 years focused on Animal products for training, Containment, grooming and surveillance and our passion has always been to design and develop our own high quality value products with our technical expertise and experience making sure you get the best product that does the best job at the most cost effective value for money.

We stand behind all our products and offer technical support and assistance as well as a full 1 year warranty on all our products and money back guarantee as per our returns policy.

We have several brands which are:-

My Pet Command

My Pet Command specializes in Pet Training, Containment and Grooming As dog owners ourselves, we share in the unique and special relationship each one of us has with our dogs and pets, but we also have faced the same challenges dog owners experience with obedience and training.

We specialize in providing high-quality and effective dog training products. Our Dog Remote Trainers, Anti-bark Solutions, Dog Containment Systems and Pet Grooming are specially designed to help create, build, and maintain a healthy partnership between you and your pet. 

Every product is designed and tested with the utmost care for your pet’s safety. A stronger relationship between you and your pet is our goal !

My Animal Command

My Animal Command specializes in Animal Grooming, Electric Fence Containment and General surveillance products including Trail/Game cameras for both day and night vision as well as night vision binoculars. All our Cameras and surveillance products come with rechargeable Battery power packs allowing you to run the devices without the need for any batteries and saving you replacement Battery costs.

Sheep Shears Pro

Sheep Shears Pro provides powerful and cost effective Sheep shearing clippers with different blade options for all your Sheep, Alpacas Goat and related animal clipping needs.

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