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It’s an Amazing dog training collar with super long range and value for its price range

I have a strong willed catahoula. They are doing hunting dogs and always trying to prove they are pack leader. This training collar allows me to work off leash but still remind her I'm pack leader. She can run in woods but when I whistle she is learning that whistle means return. I haven't even had to use the shock. I use vibrate and on lowest #1. She walks behind me off lead and acts like a well-trained happy dog.

“Stuart Henry Verified Amazon Customer”

Excellent Brilliant Pet Dryer changed my life

We have two maremmas which have double coats I've struggled for years with grooming but now this has changed our lives and is most probably the best thing I’ve bought in ages. Dogs weren't bothered about the noise and really seemed to enjoy it.

“L. J. Adlington Verified purchase”

Reliable Trail Camera with Solar Power Pack no Batteries are required

Item as described. It works and the image and video are clear. Motion activation is reliable. I don’t have to worry about repacking the battery because the solar pack keeps it charging. Overall, this is a must have item to monitor your backyard if anyone ever mess with your Wi-Fi cameras. This is used as a backup camera system for that reason.

“JC Verified Amazon Customer”

Great Kit Dual Underground dog fence with remote training collar

This is the best investment ever!! It works so good. I love that you can switch from fence to the collar!! Great product

“Lindsey Verified Purchase”

Welcome to My Pet Command and our associated brands: Your Most Trusted Pet/Animal Care, Animal surveillance & training Solutions

Nowadays, pet grooming, pet care, and animal training and surveillance products are available in diverse brands and designs.

These brands can, unluckily, fail to deliver satisfactory outcomes after a short while. Thus, you need resilient grooming, training, and pet control products if you have a dog, a sheep, or a horse.

Note that it can be challenging to differentiate between a reliable grooming kit and an unreliable one. Luckily, at My Pet Command, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience that we need to share with you before purchasing any pet training product.

My Pet Command is a leading information and product supply brand for animal training products, pet & animal grooming, and general
surveillance cameras.

With over 25 years’ experience and great knowledge in the pet & animal care business, we are committed to offering ultimate value to our clients. All our dog training & containment, general surveillance kits, pet & animal grooming products are certified, reliable, and affordable. We offer great value excellent quality products.

Furthermore, all our products carry 1 year warranty and money back guarantee after purchasing on our online store.

Here is a breakdown of everything you should understand:

Kindly check out our three brands:

My Pet Command

Well, are you looking  to either contain your dog  or for the correct anti barking device with an ultrasonic dog bark deterrent? Shock collars for dogs near me? Spray bark remote dog training collar? Dog Grooming in the form of blow drying your dog or clipping their hair to make you proud as a pet Parent ?

If so, you should know where to purchase the best dog and animal products at affordable rates. Also, you need to understand the ideal dog and pet training practices.

At My Pet Command, we offer acclaimed pet grooming products, certified pet training accessories, and the best dog containment merchandise for home or commercial use.

Dog Containment products

Under Containment products, you will find the following two products:

My pet command’s waterproof wired dog fence is an affordable and safe dog command kit with durable waterproof rechargeable collars and shock contact points. Also, this kit has an extra thick 1.8 mm wire to train your dog to stay in the backyard.

My pet Command GPS wireless dog fence is another containment accessory that trains your dog to stay in its safe zone. The collar has a GPS dog collar fence/Boundary receiver that you setup with  adjustable control and delivers gentle shock signals to your dog.

We are experts and design our own products for the dog training collars pets at home.

You will find easy to use my pet command dog training collar.

Most dog owners want dog training collars for pets at home. Luckily, you will find many different collars to choose from under my pet Command sections.

Our electrostatic shock training collars, for instance, are effective and humane. Each My Pet command dog collars has adjustable shock levels. You can set the shock level from 1-10 for effective results. But you need to note, all electrostatic shocks are safe for any dog breed and are also the best shock collar for dogs with thick fur.

We offer long radio Range and best price value in its class for such distance range.

These command dog training collars are also multifunctional, and you can Pair up to 3 Collars with 1 Remote control for Multi-dog Training and Dog Hunting.

Furthermore, My Pet Command collars are fully waterproof and durable. So, you need not worry about going to the beach with these particular dog training collars.

Lastly, some training collars have a bright beacon flashing night lights that can be turned on from the remote when your dog gets stranded in the dark.

Here are choices for you to pick.

Anti-Barking solutions Collars

You will find three more dog anti bark training collars in this section.

The anti-barking collars we supply have an advanced bark detection mode with sensitivity level adjustment. So, whenever your dog barks, the auto spray technology corrects it immediately.

The anti-bark collars are also waterproof and have a long-lasting battery life which can be charged with a USB cable.

Also, our collars use standard liquid aerosols like Citronella and lemon as opposed to other un-recommended pet spray solutions.

Auto ultrasonic dog bark deterrent

My pet command 50ft long range ultrasonic anti barking device, auto dog bark
is a safe, humane, and easy-to-use ultrasonic anti barking device from my pet Command brand.

This dog stop barking device features a fully automatic anti bark bird house controller to pick any dog barking sounds up to 50 feet away. Also, it is waterproof and can be used outdoors, and will help stop your dog from barking uncontrollably.

Pet Grooming Solutions

Look no further for My Pet Command’s range of powerful
dog blowers
and hair dryers as well as dog clipping machines.

My Animal Command
In this section, you will find animal and general surveillance products.

We feature, solar trail cameras, Night Vision Binoculars, and general surveillance kits.

In addition, you will find a professional heavy-duty horse hair clipper machine that is easy to handle.

My Pet Command has various night vision motion-activated trail cameras to help you monitor, record, and survey animals.

These solar-powered spy security trail cameras come with 2500 mAh batteries. Also, these surveillance trail cameras
have night vision motion-activated time-lapse cameras to detect any slight animal movement in the wild.

The Various My Animal Command surveillance cameras can capture 12MP, 16 MP, and 30MP 4K High-Definition footage and images
for quality control purposes. The wide detection range & fast sensor also allow the cameras to cover  90, degrees of PIR sensing angle except for the My animal command 4k solar-powered trail camera 30mp ultra HD time-lapse night vision motion activated which covers 6 or 120 degrees of PIR sensing angle.

Lastly, our solar spy cameras are
waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof - meaning that you can use them anywhere in the wild without worrying about dropping or breaking them.

 We have unique night vision binoculars to help you monitor, record, and survey animals.

My Animal Command binoculars feature High Definition Full HD (1920 x 1080) infrared night vision for game spotting, hunting, and monitoring. The binoculars have high capacity rechargeable power pack 10000 mAh batteries to last the whole night (8 hours with IR ON and 16 hours with IR OFF).

We have included an additional pet command accessory to help you trim your horse’s fur.

This particular hair clipper is not only an ordinary grooming accessory. The horse clipper is durable, powerful, light-weight, and quiet. With a sophisticated 6-speed shaving design, this horse clipper can shear different coat heights, making it ideal for your pony and horse.

It also features 2 sets of High-Quality Original Beiyuan Blades with an aluminum head to give your animal a comfortable feel without scaring its skin.

Sheep Shears Pro

You need a reliable, Powerful, affordable, and versatile wool shear if you have a sheep. At Sheep Shears Pro brand, we offer the latest heavy-duty high-power electric sheep shearing clippers.

This sheep shearing clipper has a
comfortable grip for efficient and precise sheep wool shearing.

Furthermore, it is a professional heavy-duty electric sheep shears that features a variable 6-speed control functionality plus 2 sturdy and high-quality 13 straight teeth Beiyuan blades. The aluminum head and resilient blades will also not scar your sheep’s skin whenever you are shearing.

If you want effective results, it is
advisable in some cases to use a sheep blower dryer before using the sheep shearing machine.

So, consult with us for help support and advice.