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Dog Training and Containment


My Pet Command is here to address all your training or containment needs and there are various solutions available and we are here to help you find the best solution for you and your pet!


How do invisible dog fences work ? 

  • Set up your preferred boundary and put on your Dogs a boundary shock collars for dogs
  • With this shock collar system the Collar will sound a warning/Vibrate tone as it approaches the boundary
  • Dogs will get a safe static correction and vibration if they try to go past the boundary
  • These act as shock collars fence for dogs
  • Dogs and Pups Quickly learn to stay away and do not cross the boundaries

    Do electric dog fences really work?? The answer is YES, but you must be willing to offer some of your time to train your dog to learn its new boundaries! We offer you three choices options, depending on your specific needs:


    • Fit boundary shape to your specific yard
    • Cover up to 10 acres
    • Run wire in or above the ground
    • Pair with it up to 3 collars
    • Fit command collars on your dog

       “AN EASY COST EFFECTIVE AND SAFE WAY TO TRAIN AND CONTAIN YOUR DOG - Our Dual function electric fence for dog and training collar system is a quick cost effective and practical solution allowing you to train your dog to stay in the yard and also train your pet when you are out for a walk ! 2 uses with the 1 kit!!”


      • Installs in minutes
      • No need to dig, bury or run wires
      • True wireless No transmitter box, No interference issues
      • Costs less than an underground invisible fence
      • Portable for camping and travel
      • Suitable for larger areas - Creates only circular boundaries up to 776 acres. Min Radius is 98Ft/30M

         “Try out our revolutionary newest model and make your life easy”

         “Do you need to keep and train your Dog or Cat to stay out of certain areas inside your house or off your Furniture? Do you need to train your lovely Pets and keep them from climbing onto Tables, Beds or not enter areas that they should not be in? If so, our best shock collar for dogs and cats is the ultimate solution for you.”


        • Keep your pets away from certain areas inside your house
        • Expandable to more than one area
        • Expandable to more than one pet
        • Portable
        • Rechargeable


           Our training collars for dogs allows you to stop any misbehaviour and teach them obedience! Shock System for dogs  or Remote dog training collars helps you teach your dog basic commands like stay, come or sit. Our training collars lets you correct misbehaviours like barking, chasing, digging, chewing, pulling and jumping. Get your dog’s attention and be in control from your commands ! You could choose:

          1st Option: Our Dog Training Shock Collar (for small and large dogs):

          • Super Long Range of up to 1.25 Miles (6600ft)/2Km
          • Keep track of your dog in the dark
          • Ideal for hunting dogs
          • Memorize up to 3 dogs
          • Choose among 3 functions (shock, vibrate, tone) 10 levels
          • Controlled by the remote/Transmitter

             2nd Option: Our Dog Training Citronella Spray Collar:

            “So if you do not want the shock function then: My Pet Command Long Range (2600Ft) Remote Citronella Spray Trainer is the perfect and safe humane Training Aid and training tool to help you.” 


            Bark Collar with Remote

            Does your dog barking excessively, has misbehaviour issues or resisting to learn new commands?

            Do you want to avoid using shock and looking for a gentle safe humane solution to address it? My Pet Command is here to offer you and your pet a better quality of life, you could choose:


            “DUAL FUNCTION KIT. Use the Remote Control to Train your Dog in a safe and humane way or put the Collar into Auto Anti Bark mode and make sure that your dog continues to behave properly even if you are away from home!”

            OR choose only the collar with the Auto Anti Bark mode with advanced bark detection and sensitivity level adjustment and the collar will auto detect your Dogs Barking automatically with tone and Spray corrections


            Do you have dogs that bark all the time?

            Do you want to assure that your dog won’t annoy your neighbours when you are away?

            Do your neighbour’s dogs bark excessively, especially at night?

            Do you seek for an Easy, Simple, Safe and Humane way to control dog’s barking?

            • Safe, humane, easy to set
            • Fully Automatic
            • Outdoor use
            • Waterproof
            • 50Ft Range
            • Portable

              Command collar FAQ

              How does the command collar work?

              All My Pet Command Dog training collars work in the same way, by providing a correction to the dog in the form of shock, Vibrate, Beep or Spray for any unwanted behaviour such as escaping certain boundary areas, barking, jumping on people etc.…Depending on the collar you get, some are fully automatic, for example when dog reaches the containment boundary and some can be triggered manually by remote.

              Are control collars cruel?

              Not at all. Wireless shock collars are very safe and effective for dogs. Our shock system has safety protections built in so it’s totally safe for dogs to use. Most Breeds learn very quickly regarding these type of collars. Once Dogs are trained, many users don’t even use shock features and may rely on just vibrate or tone corrections and even in some cases remove collars altogether once dogs are fully trained.

              Do wireless dog fences really work?

              Yes they work extremely well. These shock collar fence systems have been used for many years to keep dogs contained and safe. These types of collar are very effective and safe for your dogs to use and come in a variety of forms such as underground shock collars or GPS portable shock collars for dogs.

              Do shock collars work to keep dog in yard?

              Dogs associate the shock collar system and associated boundaries as no go zones. Dog wears portable dog shock collar and when they near the boundary zone they get a warning to come back to the safe zone. If they do not listen to the warning, the collar will correct them and this teaches the dogs not to cross the boundaries. Some on leash training may be required before dogs start using such collars.

              How do boundary shock collars work?

              Wireless Boundary collars for dogs work by receiving radio signals when the dog reaches or nears the boundary point and delivering warning and correction to dogs to stop them from crossing over the boundaries. Signals can be received by either underground/overground wire that marks out the boundary or by using GPS satellite signals for our GPS boundary collars. Using GPS collars creates circular boundaries only and are portable and easy to setup. Wired Boundaries creates specific boundary shapes, but both type of collars achieve same results.