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Pet and Animal Grooming


As pet owners, we know that our dogs need a bath on a regular basis. But when the time comes, we watch them shake off excess water all around the house, and fill the house with their damp odor for hours… well, it’s not exactly fun for us or the pups.

Not to mention, hair-drying isn’t always healthy. Although some short-haired breeds can get away with being air-dried after a bath, air-drying may cause skin hot spots or even fungus growth between a dog’s paw pads. It could also lead to long hair becoming matted or even dirty again since it may take hours to dry naturally.

That’s why using a high quality specialty pet blower dryer blaster is the best possible option to get your dog’s fur completely dry in the shortest span of time.

Using a dog pet dryer cuts down on “wet dog smell,” leaves pets looking as fluffy as possible, and keeps their skin healthy. While it may be tempting to use a hairdryer you already own on your pet, human hair dryers are often set at too high a heat for a pet’s skin. For large breed dogs, the small nozzle size of a human blow dryer will make a blow-drying session unnecessary long.

So make the right option and choose the best pet grooming dryer for sale for home or commercial use: My Pet Command 110V Dog Hair Dryer Professional High Velocity Blower 500W-2800W 4HP with multiple speed options and temperature settings allowing you to customize the experience for your dog! Feel the highest power with lowest noise, experience 10% greater airflow than other single motor pet hair dryers , take the advantage of the long hose up to 7,7Ft AND BE YOUR PET’S FAVOURITE PROFESSIONAL GROOMER!!!


Wool is one of the most versatile materials available: it's all-natural and sustainable, and it can be produced without harming animals. A wool sweater, for example, we all take it for granted, but imagine how difficult it would be without all of our dedicated farmers? You spend so much time and effort every year! Sheep Sheers Pro is here to offer you the best shearing tool. Whether you work on a sheep farm and it's time to shear the flock, or you merely tend to a few animals privately, try out the best sheep shearing equipment in the market. Make wool shearing a quick and easy job.     

Our Animal hair clipper is designed to:

  • Offer High Power & Speed Control with an ergonomic grip
  • Effortless Shearing with a multi tooth cutting blade, allowing you to remove all the wool from animals without causing them any harm!
  • Powerful electric motor with advanced technology cooling air flow ventilators, preventing overheating while clipping
  • High Quality Sheep shearing blades included! Expand the range of Livestock Animals on which you could use our grooming clipper by checking our clipper blade sets and choose the right one for you, using the same machine (alpacas, llamas, show Goats etc..).

All the above work together to provide both yourself and your animals the benefits of a safe and efficient lamb shearing in at an exceptionally low price!!!


Choosing from the best horse shavers to suit your needs which will make the potentially arduous task of clipping quick and easy and make your horse to stand out. It can be tricky to know which the best animal clipper handset is for you as there are so many options and a lot of technical information to sift through. But here for you is My Animal Command, an established and a trustworthy brand, offering her newest best horse clipper for body clipping model!

It is a powerful, fast and efficient horse trimmer that is ideal for professionals as well as horse owners. It has a comfortable, balanced grip for maximum comfort and precision, and it is lightweight so you can clip for longer. Its high quality blades ensure shearing efficiently many animals including Horses, Ponies, Cattle, Pigs and other livestock! These horse shears clippers made with advanced technology and its cooling air flow ventilators prevent its detachable blades and head from overheating while clipping.

So if you wish the same technology comparable to one of the  most expensive clippers in the market, at a reasonable affordable price TRY OUT our best heavy duty horse clipper!