Please refer to the following PDF Files and Videos for information to help you setup and test your fence using MPCGPS3 before use.


Its important you fully understand how the collar works. Please note connection from your phone to the collar is only via short range Bluetooth and only used for setup and test only. Activate Bluetooth discovery on the collar (Blue flash) to connect when you need to. Once your fence is setup and tested, the Collar works on its own without any connection to your phone and this is not an online tracking collar.

Make sure Fence is activated and you will see


Red LED Flash when collar is inside or has weak/no Satellite signals

Green Flash LED when collar is outside with good/Strong GPS Satellite signals and always allow the collar 1-3 minutes when outside to get the signals and position itself correctly.

Always do dog training first before putting collars on dogs


Email us at or call our technical support line on 888 686 6495 for any further help or advise you may need. When calling Leave a message if not available and someone will always get back to you.



Quick Setup Instructions

User Manual [pdf]

Setup Tips and Instruction


MPCGPS3 operating the collar:

Tips on setting up your GPS wireless dog fence:-

Unboxing and setup Video:-

Quick Setup Video:-