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Useful Tips on How to Dry a Dog after a Bath and Blowing Out Undercoats

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Grooming is an important everyday activity that all pet lovers should appreciate. Pet parents (specifically dog owners) need to know the importance of full-body washing, nail clipping, undercoat blowing, and all other hygienic pet grooming activities.

As a dog owner, you should always bath your hound with warm water after the morning walks or afternoon workout session. Additionally, you need to remember that washing your dog regularly will not only remove bad odor or get rid of external parasites or even reduce fur shedding. Washing your dog regularly and blowing their fur helps to soften their coat evenly. Similarly, this is the best time to monitor their skin condition.

After washing your dog, you should dry the wet dog hair using my pet’s command recommended dog hair dryer. Most dog owners want to know how to dry a dog after a bath. Luckily, MY PET COMMAND DOG HAIR DRYER is a reliable solution if you want the best way to dry dog after bath.

In this article, we will look at useful tips on how to dry your dog after a bath and the most efficient way of blowing out the dog’s undercoat.

But before we continue, let us answer three underlying questions that most dog owners ask.

  • Q 1: Is it ok to blow dry your dog?
  • Q 2: Should I blow dry my dog after a bath?
  • Q 3: Is it better to brush a dog wet or dry?

By the end of this article, we will answer the above questions as well as discuss other relevant information that dog owners need to understand.

Pro Tips:

  • DO NOT use a dog hair blower on the dog’s ears, instead, use a towel to dry the dog’s ears.
  • DO NOT let your dog air dry in the winter season.
  • Keep the dryer about 6 inches from the dog’s body.

Most dog owners leave their dogs to air dry naturally on the lawn. But note that leaving your dog to dry by itself is not recommended. Always use a dog blow dryer (especially during the winter season).

Blowing out different dog coats



Dogs have dissimilar coats. There are shorter coated dogs, furry, and medium coated breeds for you to differentiate.

  • Smooth-Coated dog breed

Smooth-coated dog breeds like the Dachshund and bull terrier do not require regular brushing and bathing. But do you know how to dry your dog fast? Use the recommended dryer temperature after bathing a smooth-coated dog.

  • Long-Coated dogs

Long coat dogs like the American Eskimo and Bernese Mountain dogs require extensive care. You should regularly wash and blow out the undercoat on these particular dog breeds to avoid fur matting.

  • Medium-coated dogs

Medium-coated dogs require medium care brushing, bathing, and undercoat blowing. These particular breeds are also prone to medium-level matting. The Alaskan Malamute and the Australian Shepherd are two popular medium-coated dog breeds.

Steps to blow out dog coat


You should have the necessary dog grooming kit before you use a dog dryer.

Here are “must-have utilities.”

  • Dog comb
  • Dog de-shedding brush
  • Microfiber towel
  • A pair of latex or grooming gloves
  1. Dry clean the dog with a microfiber towel

The first step is to use a towel for drying dog after bath. Immediately after you get your dog from the water, use a microfiber towel. A microfiber towel will help in soaking the excess water from the hound’s fur. Thus, you will not use excess heat from the hair dryer to dry the water.

Remember: You should begin from the head and work your way to the dog’s neck, back, stomach, tail, then the legs and paws.

  1. Use a hairdryer for extensive fur drying

After you are done with the towel, you need to use a hair dryer for dogs to help you dry the fur completely.

Fortunately, MY PET COMMAND 110V DOG HAIR DRYER has powerful wind speed velocity for larger dog breeds. Furthermore, you can adjust the temperature to either warm or hot. But note that the dryer’s temperature needs to be slightly above the room temperature to avoid scorching your dog’s skin and fur.

  1. Brush the coat while drying it

It is important to brush the dog’s fur with the recommended comb or grooming gloves while you are moving the hair dryer back and forth.

You should not use a comb when the dog is still wet. Why is this? Wet fur will tangle on the comb and cause the fur to pluck out.

  1. Use a blow dryer to blow the undercoat

So, you now know that it is okay to use a brush when the dog’s fur is completely dry. In this step, you will need to blow the undercoat with low-velocity wind airflow as you progressively increase to the high-velocity wind airflow.

How to dry puppy after bath


Puppies are delicate as compared to fully grown dogs. This particular dog size requires additional pet care protocols. So, our experts say that you should at least understand the basic steps to follow to dry a puppy after a bath.

  1. Use a soft towel: The first step is to dry the puppy’s fur with a dry towel. Hold the puppy in your arms and continue rubbing its fur gently with the towel.
  2. Use an adjustable heat hairdryer: Adjust the dryer’s temperature before you begin to blow the puppy’s coat. My pet command hair dryer is a quiet high-velocity accessory that will not scare your puppy.
  3. Blowing the coat with low-velocity airflow: Puppies dry quickly. So, you should blow the coat with low or medium-level airflow for anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes.

How do groomers dry dogs?

If you have been keen enough you will notice that groomers, just like most pet owners, have a dog hair dryer and a few pet care accessories.

The steps include: Hand drying the dog’s fur with a towel then adjusting the dryer to room temperature before beginning.

The best dog grooming blow dryer


Today, there are multiple dog hair dryers. These pet care accessories come in assorted designs, brands, and functionalities.

The most ideal dryer, however, should function effectively and offer maximum results.

Best Overall: My Pet Command Hot and Cold High-Velocity 500W-2800W Dog Hair Dryer 4HP

This particular dog hair dryer has greater airflow compared to the other available hair dryers on the market. It has an additional 10% airflow.

In addition, you can adjust the motor rotating speed to minimum, if you have a small dog. For large dogs, however, you will need to adjust the motor to maximum speed for effective fur drying.


  • Universal: The My Pet Command Hot and Cold High-Velocity hair dryer for dogs can be used on small, big, fluffy-haired, and smooth-haired dogs. You can adjust the temperature to precisely fit your dog's breed.

Comes with additional pet grooming kits: After purchasing my pet command dog hair dryer, you will receive a high-quality extendable hose, three nozzles, and a pet grooming brush.

Final Thoughts

So, you now know that it is okay to blow dry your dog and it is better to brush your dog when it is completely dry.

If you have been wondering how to dry off dog after bath or how to dry dogs faster, then you should not worry anymore. From this article, we have looked at the best way to dry a dog after a bath as well as the recommended dog hair dryer practices.

Most of these methods discussed are not only upfront. These bathing and blowing approaches are similar to the professional dog grooming experts.

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