Affordable and Best GPS invisible dog Fence systems for Large Acreage and Open Areas

The Best Invisible GPS dog Fence systems for Large Acreage and Open Areas

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In this article we will look at The Best GPS dog Fence systems for Large Acreage and open areas. GPS Dog fence systems are an ideal choice for containing your pet dogs in definite area of your choice without spending too much money and time on the fencing. The GPS fence systems are an ideal solution for outdoor and open areas and are specially helpful to people who own large farms or open boundary areas.

We have tested many GPS Dog fence systems based on their connectivity, price, review, features, and durability. With that said, this is the latest and most trustworthy selection of the Dog fence system. First let us understand what is a GPS Dog Fence system.

What is a GPS Dog fence?

A GPS Dog fence is a wireless device that uses the GPS signal of a satellite to create an invisible boundary around a definite centre point. This device is connects to the collar of the pet dogs.

When the dog reaches or crosses the designated boundary, the device triggers a warning sign in form of beeping tone or a shock. This discourages the dogs from crossing the boundary set by owner and trains them to not approach that boundary.

What is a GPS Dog fence and how does it work

How to set up a GPS Dog Fence?

Now that you know what is a GPS dog fence and how does it work, it is time to learn about its set up process. Setting up a GPS dog fence is very simple, just follow these steps - 

Time Required : 5-10 Minutes

Product Requirements : My Pet Command Invisible GPS Dog Fence

Step 1 - Hold the Power button and turn on the device.

Step 2 - Wait for the device to connect to the satellite and lock in your position.

Step 3 - Press the M button to set the option for Beep, Vibration and Shock.

Step 4 - Press and Hold the M button to set the boundary length. The length is Number x 10 Meter. So if you set the number to 5, the boundary length will be 5 x 10 = 50 Meters. Leave the device for second after setting the value and it will set the boundary.

Step 5 - If required, re set the centre location.

The Best Invisible GPS dog Fence systems for Large Acreage and Open Areas

In the last section, you learned about what is a GPS dog fence and how does it work. In this section, we will share the best GPS dog fence in the market. The list is updated in 2023 and features all the latest and most popular GPS fence system for dogs.

  1. My Pet Command GPS Dog Fence
  2. Halo Wireless GPS Dog Fence
  3. WIEZ GPS dog fence
  4. SpotOn GPS Dog fence
  5. Pawious GPS Dog fence

The following section discuss each of these product in detail one by one

 My Pet Command GPS Dog Fence

The first product in our list of best GPS dog fence is the My Pet Command GPS Dog fence. This product is manufactured by the Australian Pet product company My Pet Command. This GPS fence system is creates an invisible circular boundary around your property and prevents your pet dogs from crossing that boundary.

My Pet Command GPS Dog collar

The My Pet Command GPS dog fence use the buckled closer type and silicon material. The size is suitable for big and medium size dogs. It can cover an area of 650 Acres.

Pro Tip: This product is not suitable for very small yards and very small dogs.

Features of My Pet Command GPS Dog collar

These are the top features of the My Pet Command GPS Dog Collar - 

  1. Minimum radius - 33 Yards; Maximum radius - 999 Yards
  2. Maximum area - 650 Acres
  3. Best for outdoor and farms.
  4. Neck sizes 7“-23” (17-58 cm)suitable for medium and large dogs. Not suitable for very small dogs.
  5. Dog Training - 6 levels of Tone, Vibrate and Stimulus shock
  6. The product includes - Collar with Black neck strap, Magnetic USB Charging cable, pair of Long, Short and plastic Prongs, Test Bulb with Spanner, Training Flags, Lithium Ion Battery.
  7. Waterproof and durable.
  8. No sim card or subscription plan required.

Price: The My Pet Command is one of the cheapest GPS Dog collar in the market. You can buy it from Amazon for just $99.99.

Halo Wireless GPS Dog Fence

The Halo Wireless GPS Dog Fence comes in 3 different sizes - Small, Medium, and Large. The small, medium and large collar has the size of 11"-15", 15"-20.5", and 20.5"-30.5" respectively.

Halo Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Dog Collar

It also give 2 different color option to the pet owners - black and white. The Halo Wireless GPS Dog fence has both tracker as well as invisible dog fence features.

Unlike many other dog collars that uses static shock to warn the dogs, The Halo uses 3 feedback levels - The Warning feedback is a simple beep sound when dogs get closer to the fence, the boundary feedback which is a vibration when dogs ignore the warning feedback, and the emergency feedback which is a static painless pulse that feels like a tap on the shoulder.

Pro Tip - The Halo wireless GPS Dog fence does not have a shock feature. 

Features of Halo Wireless GPS Dog fence

These are the top features of the Halo Wireless GPS dog fence system -

  1. 3 Collar sizes - Small, Medium, and Large.
  2. 2 Color variations - White and Black.
  3. Dedicated app for full remote control over the features of the fence.
  4. Dog activity tracker.
  5. Return whistle that gives audio cues to the dogs in case they are lost.
  6. 60 Days full refund guarantee.
  7. 20 hours battery life.
  8. Waterproof.

Price : Although Halo is a great GPS fence system, it is costly. The collar costs $699 on the official website of Halo. However, you can also pay the price in $59/mo EMI. Apart from the price of collar, you also need to buy a separate monthly plan. The monthly pricing plan for Halo are as follows -

Basic/Bronze Silver/Standard Gold/Premium
Price: $5.99/mo; Add another collar for $3.99/mo. more $9.99/mo; Add another collar for $4.99/mo. more $29.99/mo; Add another collar for $4.99/mo. more
Continuous GPS and unlimited cellular data Everything included in Bronze, plus: Halo Live: Weekly events and Q&A’s with experts
Real-time location tracking and alerts Extended Warranty Early access to new Halo products and accessories
Up to 20 unique virtual fences Extra features like weekly and monthly activity reports 20% off Halo accessories
In-app Cesar Millan-led training program Subscription to the Pack Update, our dog expert curated monthly newsletter
Save an additional $50 on Halo Care and Halo Protection Plan redemption
Customizable fence feedback
10% off Halo accessories
Return whistle that guides your dog home
Daily activity reports
Proactive quality assurance monitoring

WIEZ Wireless GPS dog fence

The WIEZ GPS dog fence has a coverage radius of 3,281ft. It covers an area of 776 Acre and is very good for open areas. The WIEZ GPS dog collar has a warranty of 2 years with 30 days money back guarantee. 

WIEZ Wireless GPS Dog Fence

This wireless fence has the vibration upto three levels while shock upto 10 levels. In case your dog cross the invisible fence, the vibration will go on for 16 seconds. After that there will be a 30 second pause. It repeats the process upto 3 times after which the system goes into suspend mode.

Features of WIEZ GPS Dog Fence

These are the main features if WIEZ GPS Dog collar - 

  • Accurate positioning with GPS technology
  • More stable and accurate than traditional dog fences
  • Avoids interference from metal or electronic products
  • Safer and more reliable choice
  • Adjustable distance coverage up to 3,281 feet (radius)
  • Maximum coverage of 776 acres for outdoor use
  • Control distance adjustable between 65-3,281ft
  • Vibration intensity adjustable in three levels
  • Electric shock adjustable in ten levels
  • Full memory function in the latest model
  • No interference issues

Price: The WIEZ GPS Dog Fence is available for just $129.95 on

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

The SpotOn GPS Fence stands out with its exceptional reliability and advanced features. It taps into a network of 128 GPS satellites, offering the most comprehensive coverage on the market. This allows you to create precise boundaries that pinpoint your dog's True Location, ensuring their safety. Setting up and managing the system is a breeze. Simply use your smartphone to create, save, and edit GPS dog fences. The SpotOn GPS Dog fence comes in 3 sizes - Small(10"-14"), Medium(12"-18"), and Large(19"-26").

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

The system supports fences of up to 1,000+ acres, providing ample space for your dog to explore. One of the standout features of SpotOn GPS Dog Fence is its versatility. You can create fences not only at home but also at a second home or even on the go. If you ever move, simply adjust the fences using your GPS dog collar and smartphone.

Features of  SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

These are the most important features of SpotOn GPS Dog fence

  • Accurate and reliable GPS technology.
  • No digging or wires required for installation.
  • Create GPS dog fences in minutes.
  • Tap into a network of GPS 128 satellites for precise boundaries.
  • Simple setup and management using your phone.
  • Create fences of any size or shape, including large areas and tricky terrain.
  • Works at home, on the go, or in remote areas.
  • Long-lasting battery with up to 22 hours of use.
  • Optional cell plan for real-time tracking and notifications.

Price: Although the SpotOn GPS Dog fence has lots of features, it is rather costly. You can buy the SpotOn GPS Dog fence for $1,295 from their official website.

Pawious GPS Dog Fence

The Upgraded Pawious F810 GPS dog fence is equipped with a more powerful chip that boosts the GPS signal and improves performance in low signal areas, ensuring precise positioning. It offers greater accuracy and reliability, making it an ideal choice for reliable boundary containment. The fence stands out with its Intelligent Scene Recognition technology, which detects the environment and eliminates false triggers for more accurate boundary control.

Pawious GPS Dog Fence

It is suitable for adult medium to large dogs with a neck size of 16 inches or larger. The collar emits tones, vibration, and/or shock in 6 levels when the dog attempts to escape, followed by a continuous beep if the dog doesn't return. The F810 dog fence collar is designed for outdoor areas and can cover a range of 99ft to 3300ft radius, but it is not suitable for small yards or indoor places. It fits medium or large dogs weighing over 15lbs.

Features of Pawious GPS Dog Collar

  • Unique Intelligent Scene Recognition technology eliminates false triggers
  • Detects the usage environment, whether indoors or outdoors
  • Provides more accurate boundary control for a seamless pet containment experience
  • Specifically designed to fit adult medium to large dogs
  • Perfect fit for dogs with a neck size of 16 inches or larger
  • Advanced safety features including progressive tones, vibration, and shock levels
  • Designed for outdoor areas with a range of 99ft to 3300ft radius
  • Adjustable boundary size according to your needs
  • Not suitable for small yards or indoor places
  • GPS accuracy typically ranges about 1-2 yards, may decrease in dense wooded areas

Price: The original selling price of the Pawious GPS dog collar on Amazon is $149.95. However, at the time of writing this blog article, the offer price was down to $129.95.


Thanks for reading! We hope that you find our article helpful. Before buy the GPS Dog fence for your pet dog, make sure to check the requirements and limitations of the GPS Dog fence system. The GPS Dog fence systems works amazing for outdoor and open areas, making them a great tool for farm house and barns. However, they are not the best option for indoors. So choose the GPS dog fence wisely.

Make sure to check out our amazing pet products on the website or our amazon storefront.

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