Best Nail Grinder for Dogs | Corded and Cordless Nail Grinders for Pets

Best Corded and Cordless Nail Grinders for Pets | Nail Grinder for Dogs

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We are writing this blog article for dog owners who are looking for the best dog nail grinders for their pets. We have spent hours testing and listing some of the most popular cordless and corded nail grinders for dogs, cats and other pets. This list includes some of the most famous pet brands like Dremel dog nail grinder, Confuy dog nail grinder, Luckytail dog nail grinder, and more.

We will list all dog nail grinders which are not only recommended by pet owners but also by professional groomers. We will look at the features, price, and specifications of the nail grinder. So without further delay, let us jump right into the article.

Best Nail Grinder for Pet Dogs

Although there are many brands and nail grinders available in the market, there are some specific models that really stand out. These are the best Nail Grinders available in the market, the list is made after deep research of features, price, reviews, and durability –

  1. My Pet Command Nail Grinder(Best Overall)
  2. WAHL Ultimate Nail Grinder
  3. Smehnser Diamond Nail Grinder
  4. Rexipet Nail Grinder
  5. Oster Gentle Paws Pet nail grinder(Battery Powered)
  6. Show Tech nail Grinder Type 2 Cord/Cordless
  7. Andis Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder
  8. Conairpro Dog Nail Grinder
  9. LOPSIC Dog Nail Grinder(Cheapest)
  10. Shernbao dog nail Grinder

Let us look at the detailed features of each product one by one.

My Pet Command Nail Grinder

The My Pet Command Nail Grinder is the newest product in the market. However, despite that it has secured the highest customer rating on Amazon. The main reason behind it is the durable design, extra diamond bit, low noise, solid card and a range of extra tools for the finest nail grinding possible.

Best Dog Nail Grinders of - My Pet Command Dog nail grinder

Thanks to 2 seperate grinder points for big and small nail size, the My Pet Command Nail Grinder is ideal for both big and small dogs. You can also use it for cats and other pets. The My Pet Command also gives a free grooming kit with the grinder.

Features of My Pet Command Nail Grinder

  1. Refined diamond bit grinder for smooth and comfortable nail grinding experience.
  2. Additional Diamond Bit and Grooming Kit for smooth nail grinding experience.
  3. Variable speed control
  4. LED Light for a clear vision and judgement.
  5. 6300-8200 RPM Rotation speed
  6. Lowest Noise profile. Quietest among all nail grinders.
  7. Adjustable torque
  8. 1 Year Warranty
  9. 2000 mAh Battery, long duration, 20 hour endurance
  10. USB Charging

Buy My Pet Command Dog Nail Grinder

WAHL Ultimate Nail Grinder

WAHL Ultimate nail grinder is ideal for pet owners and professional groomers who are looking for a corded nail grinder. The WAHL Ultimate nail grinder has been in the market for years and is trusted by many pet owners and professional groomers.

WAHL Ultimate Dog nail grinder

Although the cord restricts the movement of the unit, it has a long lifetime and durability. Furthermore, it the WAHL also sells replacement parts which makes it ideal for professional grommers.

Features of WAHL Ultimate Nail Grinder

These are the best features of the WAHL Ultimate Nail Grinder

  1. Best corded nail grinder for big and small dogs, cat, and pets
  2. Durable and long lifeline
  3. Modular speed control
  4. Separate replacement part; ideal for professional groomers.
  5. 13,000 RPM, Making it one of the best nail grinders for big dogs or pets with strong nails.
  6. Replacement tools included
  7. 1 Year limited warrenty
  8. 5 Foot cord, 3-60, and 3-100 grit bands.

Price: The original price of WAHL Ultimate Corded Dog nail grinder on the official website of WAHL is $55.99. However, at the time of writing the price was $28.00. On the price of the WAHL Ultimate dog grinder's official price is$61.99 while offer price is $47.99.

Buy WAHL Ultimate Nail Grinder

On Official Website                  On Amazon

Smehnser Diamond Nail Grinder

Smehnser Diamond nail grinder is a great tool for grinding nails of small dogs or cats. This is also suitable for pets who are oversensitive to noise as it very quite while operating. Furthermore, it has the lowest vibration among any other nail grinders.

Smehnser Pet Nail Grinder

The Smehnser Diamond nail grinder comes with a guard and has 3 spots that allows grinding nails of small, medium and large size dogs respectively.

Features of Smehnser Diamond Nail Grinder

Following are the best features of the Smehnser Diamond Nail Grinder -

  1. Very Low noise profile <50dB.
  2. 7000-9000 RPM rotation speed with adjustable speed upto 3 steps.
  3. 2 LED Lights for better observation while grinding.
  4. 3 Grinding ports for different dog nail sizes.
  5. 2 hour charging time, 18 hour runtime.

Smehnser Diamond Nail Grinder Price: 

On the official website of Smehnser, The price of Smehnser Diamond Dog nail grinder is 79.99EUR. However, at the time of writing this article, the offer price was 49.99EUR. You can also buy it from Walmart for just $22.99.

Buy Smehnser Diamond Nail Grinder

On Official Website                    On Walmart

REXIPETS Nail Grinder

Rexipets dog and cat nail grinder is a cordless nail grinder which is great for everyday use for at home dog grooming and care. This is one of the most sold units and has secured great reviews from the critics and pet owners likewise.

REXIPETS Dog and Cat Nail Grinder

The product comes with a diamond bit grinder. The product weights 0.59lbs and is portable.

Features of REXIPETS Dog and Cat Nail Grinder

These are all the best features of REXIPETS Dog and Cat Nail Grinder -

  1. 3 Grinder Size ports for small, medium, and large size dog nails.
  2. 4 Hours charging time, USB Charging
  3. Nail Guard for a secure grinding experience.
  4. Quite operation.
  5. Different grinding heads(sold seperately)

Price : The original Price of REXIPET  Dog and Cat Nail Grinder  on the official website of REXIPET is $49.99.  However at the time of writing this article, the product is available at the 20% Off offer price of $39.99. You can also buy the product from Amazon at $39.99.

Buy REXIPET Dog and Cat nail grinder

From Official Website                    From Amazon

Oster Gentle Paws Pet nail grinder

The Oster Gentle Paws Pet nail grinder is a unique add in this list. Unlike most Corded and Cordless nail grinders for dogs, The Oster Gentle Paws nail grinder runs of batteries. You need 4 AA size batteries to run this grinder.

Oster Gentle Paws Pet nail grinder Review - Price, Features, and description

Furthermore, unlike most modern nail grinders that use the Diamond bit, the Oster Gentle paws uses coarse stone, fine band, and 2 coarse bands. This product is for those who has a specific requirements for their pet nail grinder.

Features of Oster Gentle Paws Pet Nail Grinder

These are the best features of Oster Gentle Paws Pet Nail Grinder - 

  1. Cordless, Battery powered, requires 4 AA size batteries.
  2. 2 speed modes
  3. Nail guard for extra safety and over trim prevention.
  4. Coarse Stone band
  5. 2 Color options - Blue and White
  6. 1 year warranty
  7. Portable design and easy handling.
  8. Replacement kit(Sold seperately).

Price: Oster does not sell their nail grinder on their official website. However, you can easily but the product from Walmart and Amazon for just $21.99. Although the official website mentions Chewy in seller, we couldn't find the product there.

Buy Oster Gentle Paws Pet Nail Grinder

Buy On Walmart                             Buy On Amazon

Showtech Dog nail Grinder Type 2

 The Showtech Dog nail grinder is another very unique nail grinder for dogs. It is different compared to other nail grinders in the market. The reason is its compatibility with both corded and cordless actions. You can use the Showtech Dog nail grinder ad cordless as well as corded grinder.

Show Tech Nail Grinder Type 2 Cord/Cordless with USB Review - Price, Features, ABOUT

The product uses metal and steel grains as the grinding material. This product works well on all kinds of nail sizes.

Features of Showtech Dog Nail Grinder Type 2

These are the best features of Showtech Dog Nail Grinder Type 2 - 

  1. 2 Speed settings - 6000/7000 and 7000 to 7500 RPM.
  2. 2000 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  3. Extra Grinding stone(Type 2)
  4. Power: DC 5 V/ 1000 mA
  5. 4 Hours recharge time

Price:  You can buy the Showtech Dog Nail Grinder Type 2 for just € 25.16.

Buy Showtech Dog Nail Grinder Type 2

From Transgroom                   From Custom-Paw($59.99 CAD)

Andis Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder

What makes the Andis Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder is the finishing grinder included in the product. This product is made is China and it's global version is sold across UK, USA, and Australia. 

The motor of Andis Cord or Cordless nail grinder runs at 120-240V and 50/60Hz.

Features of Andis Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder

These are the top features of Andis Cord/Cordless Nail Grinder - 

  1. Dual speed motor, turbo option for thicker nails
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Multiple combs
  4. Diamond bit with additional finishing grinder
  5. Lithium ion battery with 3 Hour run time
  6. Quite operation.

Price: The Andis Cord/Cordless nail grinder is available for just $44.99 on their official website as well as Amazon.

Buy Andis Cord/Cordless nail grinder

On Official Website               On Amazon

Conairpro Dog Nail Grinder

The Cornairpro Dog Nail Grinder is another unique addition in our list of best nail grinders for dogs. That's because the Conairpro dog nail grinder has both cordless as well as corded product variation. Means you can buy the same features in either version based on weather you want a portable or fixed power cable grinder.

CONAIRPROPET Dog & cat Nail Grinder - Price, Review, Features, ABout

The product comes with a guard, 4 bands, and finisher. You can get the best grinding experience with the help of this tool. The cordless variation of the Conairpro nail grinder has a speed variations - High speed at 10,000 RPM and Low speed at 6500 RPM. The cordless version is powered by 3 AA Batteries.

Features of Conairpro Dog Nail Grinder

These are the best features of Conairpro Dog Nail Grinder -

  1. 7500 RPM powerful motor.
  2. Minimum noise and vibration
  3. Cord and Cordless variation
  4. 2 finishing stone heads, 4 grinding bands, a grinding drum and a wrench
  5. Replacement tools, (sold separately)
  6. 2 speed variations for the cordless version

Price : The Conairpro Dog nail grinder has different pricing for it corded and cordless version. While the Cordless version has a price of $44.99, the corded version is sold at $30.38. Its replacement stone and bands + drums are sold separately at a price of $6.99.

Buy Conairpro Dog Nail Grinder(Amazon)

Corded Version                      Cordless Version

LOPSIC Dog Nail Grinder

The Lopsic Dog Nail grinder is a pet friendly product. This nail grinder is equally beneficial for big and small size dogs, cats and other pets. The product has built in dual LED lights for a clear vision and judgement while grinding. It has a powerful motor with 2 speed variations - 8,000 RPM and 10,000 RPM.

LOPSIC Dog Nail Grinder Review - Price, Features and description


The design of the LOPSIC nail grinder is made to have a natural strong grip and helps you grind your pet's nails in a more comfortable way. It's powerful battery can run upto 8 hours after full charge.

Features of LOPSIC Dog Nail Grinder

These are the best features if LOPSIC Dog nail grinder - 

  1. Dual LED light.
  2. 3 Ports for grinding big, small and medium size dog nails.
  3. Quite operation with low vibration.
  4. 2 color variations.
  5. Nail Trimmer Included.
  6. 8 hours run time.
  7. 2 diamond bit grinder included.

Price: The LOPSIC Dog Nail Grinder has 2 color variations - Black-Red and White-Green. The Black-Red version is sold at $17.99 while the White green version costs $18.99.

Buy the LOPSIC Dog Nail Grinder(Amazon)

Black Red Version                   White Green Version

Shernbao nail Grinder

The next dog nail grinder in our list is the Shernbao dog nail grinder. This is another famous nail grinder among the pet owners. The Shernbao nail grinder has a fast charging feature that can fully charge the grinder within 1.5 hours. It using time is 4-5 hours after that.

Shernbao Dog Nail Grinder | The Best Nail Grinder for Dogs

Features of Shernbao Nail Grinder

  1. Redesigned for more comfort and  better grinding experience.
  2. High speed motor
  3. Diamond grinder
  4. 2 Adjustable speeds
  5. 3 grinding ports
  6. Noise profile - Below 46dB

Price:  The Shernbao Nail Grinder is available for just $29.99 on Amazon.

Buy Shernbao dog nail grinder


Thanks for reading! We hope that this article will help you decide which nail grinder is the best choice for your pet dog. Before buying a nail grinder, make sure to consider the comfort of your dog and carefully check the corresponding features of the nail grinder. 

Do not forget to check our large collection of amazing pet products on Amazon as well as our personal website.

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