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Best Pet Hair Blow Dryer | Best Dog Hair Dryers 2023

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In this article, we will look at the most popular pet hair blow dryers of 2023. This article will give you a comprehensive review of the most popular hair blow dryers. Each product has a detailed description of each pet product along with the price, features, and more.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to choose the appropriate hair blow dryer for your pet dog. These pet hair blow dryers will help you groom your dog effectively. It can also be used in de-shedding of fur coats and drying off your dogs. So without further delay, let’s jump right into the tutorial.

How did we test the Dog Hair Blow dryer?

While the main focus of the testing is on the quality of the product, we have considered various factors while choosing the products for this list. We have considered factors like Air Speed, Temperature, Temperature variation, warranty, Price, User Rating, and more. These are some of the most important things to consider while purchasing a hair dryer for your dog.

1. Temperature

The first and most important thing to consider while buying a dog hair dryer is the temperature. Different breeds of dogs have different thicknesses of their coats. As such, it is important to consider the temperature of the hair dryer. This is because dogs with thin fur can get burns at high temperatures. On the other hand, dogs with thick fur coats need high temperatures to groom effectively.

2. Noise Level

Another thing to consider while purchasing a hair blow dryer is the noise level of the product. Loud noises can startle the dog. That is why we have preferred the products that have the least noise level. 50-70dB(Decibel) is a good noise level for a dog hair dryer.

3. Cord and Hose Length

While ranking the best dog hair dryers, we have preferred the products that have long cord and hose length. This is especially important for people who run a professional pet grooming store or has a designated spot for pet grooming.

4. Controls

Another important factor we have considered is the control of the dog hair dryer. Although most hair dryers have controls for temperature and airflow, their range varies. We have looked at the controls of many different dog hair dryers and chosen the best ones.

Best Dog Hair Dryers of all Times

These are the best dog and pet hair blow dryers of all time-

  1. My Pet Command Hair Blow Dryer [Best Overall]
  2. SHELANDY 3.2HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Force Dryer
  3. Metrovac Air Force Commander
  4. Flying Pig High-Velocity Dog Dryer
  5. K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer

In the next section, you will find a detailed description of all the best dog hair dryers.

My Pet Command Hair Blow Dryer

Released back in April 2019, the My Pet Command blow dryer became instantly famous among professional dog groomers, experts, and dog owners likewise. This product is made by the popular Australian Pet product developer My Pet Command. The My Pet Command Hair Blow dryer has one of the best worldwide user ratings among all the blow dryers. Furthermore, its price is much less compared to other similar products.

The My Pet Command hair dryer has the lowest noise and highest power in its category. Furthermore, its hose can extend up to 2.4 meters. One of the greatest features of this product is its detail the control over the airflow and pet comfort. As different dogs have different fur thicknesses, temperature plays a key role while de-shedding or removing hair. My pet command dog hair dryer has excellent control over the temperature as well as airflow making it suitable for all types of dogs. 


  • Country of Origin – Designed in Australia
  • Weight – 10.58 Pounds
  • Power – 500W-2800W, 4.5HP, 110V
  • 10% more power compared to other blow dryers
  • Soft start motor + Protection Buffer for the safety of electrical equipment and circuits.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Powerful wind speed with variable settings – 82 ft/s-164 ft/s
  • Variable temperature – 86F – 158F
  • 4 Nossel attachments with an additional free high-quality brush.
  • Solid Build and is portable.
  • Good for Dogs, Cats, and livestock.

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SHELANDY Pet Hair Dryer

The Sheladndy Pet Hair dryer is another popular dog hair dryer in Amazon. This product is manufactured by GiWuh and sold by Shelendy Pet Supplies on Amazon in the USA. Sheladndy pet hair blow dryer is good for People who want a pet hair dryer for regular use.

SHELANDY Pet Hair Dryer

This product was released in 2017 and has remained one of the most popular dog hair dryers ever since. Although this product isn’t the best choice for everyday use since lots of users find their unit broken after a few uses, it is good if you use the dog hair dryer once in a while. There is a 1-year warranty on the product as well.


  • 2400W Power – 110/120 V
  • 65-135mph airflow speed
  • Hose length is expandable upto 73 inches
  • 4 Nossel Variations
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty

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Metrovac Air Force Commander

If you own both big and small dogs, the Metrovac dog hair dryer is ideal for you. This hair blow dryer features a 4 HP. It was first introduced back in 2004 and has pretty nice user follow-ups and ratings. However, one major disadvantage of this blow dryer is that it does not have temperature control.


Metrovac Air Force Commander

This product is good for removing dog or cat hair as well as the everyday use of cleaning dust and fur of objects. But I will not recommend it for professional grooming as well as for much larger dog breeds or thick fur.


  • Sturdy and high quality.
  • Simple settings
  • Good for both big and small dogs
  • Fast dry and clean up.
  • Powerful motor up to 4.0 Peak H.P. 

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Flying Pig High-Velocity Dog Dryer

The flying pig is another popular dog blow dryer. It has all the features that a dog groomer needs. Sold by Petuv on Amazon USA, this product was introduced back in 2014. While most dog blow dryers give a single color option, the Flying Pig high-velocity dryer has different color options to choose from.

Flying Pig High-Velocity Dog Dryer


This dog blow dryer has a solid steel body and a strong build. The product comes with a hose expandable up to 10ft. However, one disadvantage of the product is that it only comes with 2 nozzle types.


  • 240CFM Air Volume
  • 28000FPM Airspeed.
  • 1400 Watt/ 110V
  • Three heat variations – None, Low, High
  • Temperature: 81F to 160F

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K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer

The K9 Dog hair dryer is for people who want a powerful dryer. This product is a workhorse. It has a very powerful motor that can blow out thick fur and dry your pets within a matter of minutes.  It runs on 18 Amps, 120 Volts, and has a 10′ hose attached.

K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer

The only disadvantage of this product is its heating issue. Other than that, it is a pretty reliable dog hair blow dryer. Thanks to its two-speed settings, it can be used for both big and small dogs.


  • Air Volume – 245CFM
  • Maximum Heat – 126F-52F
  • 2 Air Intake Filters
  • 18 Amps, 120 Volts, 25 lbs.
  • Flat and Round Nozzle

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Thanks for reading! We hope that you find my guide for the most popular Dog hair blow dryers of 2023 helpful. Before purchasing the dog hair dryer, make sure to consider things like dog size, fur coat thickness, dryer's temperature and air flow limits etc.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out our great product for pet grooming and containment on Amazon.

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