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In this article, you will learn about the best dog hair blow dryers of 2024. Hair dryers are an essential tool for home grooming and professional grooming. It also helps dog owners keep their pets dry in springtime or when wet. Dog hair dryers are essential tools for home grooming.

We have spent hours testing and analyzing some of the most popular hair dryers in the market, after testing different units based on price, heat setting, noise level, user rating, speed setting, and more. This guide is ideal for pet owners who want to groom their dogs at home as well as professional groomers looking for an efficient and quality product. So without further delay, let’s jump right into the list.

Best Dog Hair Blow Dryer of 2024

These are the most popular dog hair blow dryers of 2024 –

  1. My Pet Command High-Velocity Blow Dryer
  2. Dog Hair Dryer Blower by Pet Control HQ
  3. ELS PET Dog Dryer
  4. shernbao High-Velocity Hair Dryer
  5. Electric Cleaner Co ECC K9 III Variable Speed Dog Blow Dryer

Let us look at the features and properties of each dog hair blow dryer in detail.

1. My Pet Command High-Velocity Blow Dryer

The first dog hair dryer on our list is the famous High-velocity Blow Dryer by My Pet Command. Although this product is the latest release in the market, it has instantly become famous among pet owners as well as professional groomers.

Best Dog Hair Blow Dryer of 2023

The My Pet Command Blow Dryer’s popularity is thanks to its low price, lowest noise level, high velocity, and adjustable hot as well as cold temperature settings. Thanks to this quality at a low price, this dog blow dryer was able to secure multiple high ratings on Amazon. This product is useful for both drying your pet as well as Deshedding and blowing out the undercoat.


  • The Highest Power – 110V, 500W-2800W, 4.5HP
  • The lowest noise-to-power ratio
  • 10% greater airflow than other single-motor dryers.
  • Long High-Quality Hose with a quick locking system.
  • Extends up to 7.7 FT (2.4m).
  • 7.6 FT (2.3m) power cord.
  • Soft Start motor + protection buffers.

This Blow dryer also comes with an additional free grooming brush,  extendable long High-Quality Hose, and easy-to-attach Nozzles. There is a 1-year manufacturer warranty with exceptional customer support and service.


Price: $124.99

User Rating on Amazon USA

2. DOPICT Pet Dryer

The CHAOLUN Dog Blow Dryer features a strong and stable motor that offers multiple speed and temperature settings. With the ability to control the temperature and airflow using the temperature and wind buttons, you can customize the drying process to suit your grooming needs.

The wind speed ranges from F1 to F5, providing airflow speeds between 15-75M/S, while the temperature can be adjusted between 95℉-140℉ (35℃-60℃).


  • Strong and stable motor with several speed and temperature options
  • Wind speed: F1-F5 (15-75M/S); Temperature: 95℉-140℉(35℃-60℃)
  • Can also be used to dry cars, floors, and furniture
  • Powerful 4.3HP/3200W motor that removes dust, allergens, and dead fur from your dog's coat
  • Noise reduction and heat insulation with a unique air duct design and thickened filter
  • Comes with 4 different nozzles and a lengthy, flexible compound hose for convenience and versatility in grooming your pet. Also includes a package containing 1 x Dog Dryer, 4 x Nozzles, 1 x Flexible Hose, and 1 x User Manual. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the manufacturer for a solution within 24 hours.

Price: $99.99

User Rating on Amazon

3. ELS PET Dog Dryer

Released in 2023, the ELS PET dryer has its origin in China. While most dog blow dryers have limited functionality for drying and de-shedding, the ELS pet dog dryer also has additional features. 

Best Dog Hair Blow Dryer of 2023

Its airflow also includes negative ions that help reduce the static charge in your dog fur and makes it smoother. Its high-velocity has a wind speed range of 40m/s-90m/s. You can adjust its temperature from 30℃-70℃.

Unlike other pet blow dryers that have modular control, the ELS comes with an LED panel that can control all parameters of the machine.


  • Airflow with negative ions
  • Temperature range – 30℃-70℃
  • Air velocity – 40m/s-90m/s
  • Hose range – 80cm/31.50inch-150cm/59.06inch
  • 3 different nozzles
  • 1-year guarantee

Price: $139.99

Ratings on Amazon USA(Out of 34)

4. shernbao High-Velocity Hair Dryer

The Shernbao hair dryer is one of the most popular hair dryers for dogs. This particular product has a 5HP motor, making it useful for dogs with dense fur. You can adjust the speed from 515FPM to 64000FPM.

Best Dog Hair Blow Dryer of 2023

This hair dryer is small and lightweight. It includes Includes 4 ft to 8 ft flexible hose, 3 different nozzles, and air filters. The product comes with a 1-year warranty. There are many different models of this product that varies based on blow force and airflow. You can choose the right model based on your requirements.


  • 2 temperature settings; Range – 55*F to 131*F
  •  Adjustable speed dial – 515FPM-64000FPM
  • Hose length – 4 ft to 8 ft
  • Noise level – 50-72dB
  • Volts/Amp – 110V/15A
  • Blow force – 880G
  • Maximum airflow – 210CFM

Price: $176

Ratings on Amazon USA

5. Electric Cleaner Co ECC K9 III Variable Speed Dog Blow Dryer

This particular dog hair blow dryer is useful for professional groomers who use blow dryers on a regular basis. However, it is overkill for single pet owners who occasionally use the hair dryer at home. The ECC K9 has a dual motor, giving it a powerful airflow. It has a variable speed control from 0 to 240 CFM.

Best Dog Hair Blow Dryer of 2023

The product includes a 10′ foot high-quality hose, 2 Air Intake Filters, and a Round tip nozzle. It weighs 32 pounds.


  • variable speed control: 0 – 240 CFM
  • Maximum Heat – 122/50

Price: $690

Ratings on Amazon(1)


Thanks for reading! We hope that this guide will help you with deciding the best dog blow hair dryer for your pet dogs. While purchasing the dog blow dryers, make sure to check the specification viz price, heat level, air flow, temperature control, etc. 

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