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Preventing Lost Pets with My Pet Command Hidden Fences

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Stray dogs are, unfortunately, a common sight. You may have noticed that some of them are completely in tune with "street life" while others are completely out of tune. It is certain that the majority of wandering dogs belong to the category of strays, but there are also "fugitives" who escape the supervision of the owner for various reasons, from the call of nature to boredom. What is the fate of the "fugitive"? Unnecessary wandering and dangers such as being injured, lost or even chasing frightened children or other animals.

One of the most common ways a dog gets lost is when they escape their backyard dog fences. Either by jumping over it or digging under the fence their way out or even escaping forgotten open gates! There have been plenty of times when people found dogs wandering their neighborhood and mistaken them for strays, when really the dog has just escaped the yard. Surely the safest place for a dog is his home, so how can we keep a dog from running out of the yard without a fence?

There are several reasons why your dog may try running out of the yard and the reason is definitely not that they no longer love you. Why do they keep leaving, causing you desperation looking for them on the streets? Here are six possible reasons for this.

Why your dog is making a run for it?

  • They love their walk. Dogs are known to go crazy for walks. And if the walk during the day did not satisfy them,  they will find a way to "kick" it. There are, in fact, breeds that love to go out so much that they keep digging or climbing fences and leave constantly. For example Huskies.
  • Dogs are descendants of wolves. Do not forget that dogs are descendants of wolves, which travel miles every day. And your dog still has some of these instincts. Something may have caught their  attention, Search, exploration and hunting are in their blood. This means that if something catches their attention they will run away to do their own exploration as a real detective!
  • It is not sterile. Male dogs that have not been neutered tend to pop it in search of a mate.
  • Dogs can get bored. For a dog that is bored, the outside world is a challenge. If you do not have time to deal with it and your pet does not relax with his play, he will find interest away from home.
  • Something scared them. A dog that is afraid of snoring or fireworks, may panic and start running in an unknown direction.

So summarizing, the result is more than 10 million dogs getting out of fences and get lost each year in the United States, and one out of three pets will get lost during its lifetime!!!

At My Pet Command it’s our mission to keep pets safe and keep your dog in the yard! We are pet owners ourselves, and can understand the heartache that pet owners must feel when their pet is lost. We are dedicated to creating dog proof fence products than can help reduce the number of lost pets and give pet parents peace of mind that their dogs  will not be one of those 10 million lost each year. Our pet fence barriers are designed to give pets the freedom to run, play and exercise outdoors, while at the same time staying safe within their presented limits and away from potential hazards such as roads, wooded areas, pools, gardens and more.

My Pet Command is here to offer you various  dog jumping-digging fence solutions, depending on your specific needs:

  1. The Dual Function Wireless Underground Dog Fence System with a Remote Dog Training Collar!

An easy cost effective and safe way to keep your dog in yard without fence AND train your dog. Our Dual function electric yard fencing for dogs and training command collars system is a quick cost effective and practical solution allowing you to train your dog to stop from escaping the yard and also train your pet when you are out for a walk! TWO uses with the ONE kit!! Its installation and use is very simple. All you have to do is bury (or set it above ground) the cord along the perimeter of the demarcated area and place the collar on your pet. The shock collar will keep your dog in yard by detecting the signals sent by the wire and when your pet approaches the limit, the collar will make a warning beep, reminding it to keep its distance. If it continues to move forward, then the system will release gradual increases in stimulus until the pet stays away. Gradually and with frequent use of this system, your pets will learn to not go under the fence or climb them, respect boundaries, and know what is the safe area for them.  Our dog fence barrier comes with Extra thick High Quality solid copper core Robust Polyolefin 13 AWG wire outer core , is totally waterproof and rechargeable and suits most small, medium, large dogs weighing from 5 to 70 kilos(11-154lb)

2.GPS Wireless Dog Fencing System to keep dogs in preset limits!

Try our revolutionary newest and latest My Pet Command Safe GPS Wireless electric fence to keep the dog in, with simple Easy and quick setup. No Boundary wire or Transmitter box is required and have your Containment Boundary setup within minutes with NO INCONSISTENCES! This latest Wireless electric dog fence barrier uses standard GPS radio signals from satellites to setup and position your boundary containment hidden fence for dogs. The greatest advantage of our product is that it is PORTABLE. You can take it anywhere with you, when you go camping, fishing, picnic, or for a walk to keep the dog out of the unwanted area! It covers large and smaller OUTDOOR areas up to 3281 Ft radius and up to Max 0f 776 Acres allowing you to use it in EVERY OUTDOOR area! It is waterproof and suits for all breed types with neck sizes 6”-26”(16-27cm).

So with the above choices you have the best solutions you should think of fence guard for dogs if you want to keep your dog in yard with a wireless shock collar, without a traditional fence. 

The above dog barrier fences are easier to maintain than physical fences, your dog probably won’t dig under them, and they are less expensive than physical fences as well. 

Don’t let the notion of electric shocks dissuade you from using these fences. The static shock they deliver is very minimal. It is meant to surprise your dog and notify him that they are approaching a boundary rather than hurt them and they are very safe to use. 

However, you will need to train your dog with the fence. Most bad experiences dog owners have with fences occur when the dog is not adequately trained. So willingness, patience and time are required from you in order to ensure your dog’s wellbeing and safety!




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