GPS Dog Fence Collar vs Invisible Fence, which one is best for you to contain your dog?

GPS Dog Fence Collar vs Invisible Fence, which one is best for you to contain your dog?

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GPS Dog Fence Collar vs Invisible Fence

Here, we will look at GPS Dog fence Collars vs. Invisible Fence and offer guidance on the best GPS dog fence collar for your pet’s needs.

Dog containment is necessary if you are a dog owner. This is because they have the instinct to explore and wander. One of the most common methods of containing a dog is using a physical fence or barrier, which can be expensive or impractical. However, using a dog shock collar with GPS or a GPS-enabled dog fence collar and setting up a Geo-fence delivers a mild electric shock to the dog when they stray beyond a specific containment boundary. The stimulus shock is safe and deters the dog to stay within the designated area.

What is a GPS Dog Fence Collar and How Does it Work?

My Pet Command Basic GPS Dog Fence  adjustable GPS dog collar prevents dogs from wandering off the boundary set. Unlike the Garmin GPS dog collar that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite and radio signals to track and pinpoint the exact location of the collar—and consequently, the dog, our dog GPS collar sets a circular containment boundary in the yard to keep your dog from going past it.

Our advanced My Pet Command 2-in-1 MPCGPS3 GPS dog collar, on the other hand, utilizes advanced AI technology that guarantees the most effective and safe containment for your dog. You can use your Smartphone as a manual dog trainer or turn ON the GPS dog fence for automatic GPS dog collar containment. It also has custom setup 4-sided or circular boundaries that you can set up after downloading the Free APP: - Linked Paw to your smartphone.

For the basic unit, go outside to a center location and set up a barrier parameter/boundary. You can achieve this by using the instruction manual that comes with the box. When turned on, the GPS dog collars will automatically connect to a few satellites, like 8-12 and you will need to lock in the center co-ordinates. Ideally, the collars function best in a longer radius of between 30 and 1000 meters (98 and 3,281 feet up to 776 acres).

After the Initial center co-Ordinates have been locked in and once the collar connects to a satellite and you have set up the barrier distance, you can select variations such as beep, electrostatic shock, or vibration modes. These will warn your dog not to cross boundaries and keep them contained in the safe zone you had initially set up.

For our new Advanced unit with APP, set up 4 sided or circular boundaries via the APP powered by google maps

Note that our GPS dog collars have sophisticated features like unique chipset models and customized software algorithms to prevent pawprints in the wrong direction. The GPS in the collar communicates with satellites to identify the real-time locations of your pet and warns it to keep away from the barrier.

What is an Invisible fence?

Unlike the GPS collar that uses a virtual GPS boundary, the invisible fence, also known as an underground or wireless electric fence, is a pet containment system using a physical wire to create the containment boundary and a training collar to keep your pet within a set perimeter or designated radius.

How the invisible fence works is simple: Setting up the dog collar involves installing a Transmitter box inside your house or Garage and running a wire loop to create your containment boundary. Our Hidden Fence units is a dual function which comes with a training remote as well for Manual training of your dog as required It also includes safe static correction and vibration features. You can have a detailed review of the system here.

Next, bury the wire below ground (Submergible to 3.3 ft). Alternatively, you can install it above ground or on any existing fence to create the boundary. Note that you can create a boundary (of different shapes) and you must connect the transmitter unit to the wire to complete the loop within the yard.

At My Pet Command, we provide 494 feet (150 m) of extra-thick high-quality solid copper core Robust Polyolefin 13 AWG wire (Outer core). However, you can still purchase additional wire to cover and extend up to 10 acres of coverage.

Once the setup is complete, your dog wears the collar. This collar will deliver an audible tone warning, safe static correction, or vibration if your dog approaches the boundary/fence, thus preventing them from crossing. The remote controller allows you to train the dog to follow commands when walking outside.

Apart from My Pet Command, other GPS Dog Fences of 2024 Include:

  • Halo Collar 3 GPS Dog Fence.
  • Spot-on GPS Fence Collar.
  • Pet Safe.

Comparison Table of GPS Dog Fence Collar vs Invisible Dog Fence

Here is a comparison table between the GPS Dog collar vs. the Invisible dog fence, focusing on the range, features, capabilities, and potential limitations.

GPS Dog Collar

Invisible Dog Fence


Minimum 98 feet (30 meters) and maximum 3,281 feet (1000 meters) and up to 776 acres.

usually comes with 492 feet (150 meters) drum, but you can extend the wire to cover up to 10 acres

Capability and portability 

can be easily transferable between pets or to a new location

Mostly stationary because the wire is buried/located in a specific location. This invisible wire dictates where the boundary is


the collars tone, vibrate, and Stimulus shock settable levels. 

the collars tone, vibrate, and Stimulus shock settable levels.

Installation and limitation

It is much quicker to install (can be set up in minutes) because only the GPS coordinates and virtual boundary are required. There is no need for a transmitter box or Boundary wire

Requires digging and running the wire with a transmitter box to create an invisible wire boundary around your yard


Collar Battery Can last 2-5 Days

Collar Battery Can last 2-5 Days in single mode


Weekly reprogramming is recommended due to GPS Drift on the Basic GPS unit only. Advanced unit not required

Requires minimum to no maintenance because the wire is manufactured with high-quality material

Is GPS Dog Collar a better solution compared to an invisible fence?

Choosing between a GPS boundary dog collar and an invisible fence for dogs depends on you and your dog’s lifestyle. However, always consider their flexibility, features, capabilities, range of monitoring (safety), and potential limitations.

Without a transmitter box or boundary wire, the My Pet Command wireless GPS dog containment collar and the smart dog collar give dog owners peace of mind because the virtual barrier prevents pets from getting lost. Setting up the GPS dog collar is also straightforward because you only need to walk outside to a central location and configure the GPS barrier or using the new Smart Collar via App. The GPS dog collar is designed for large outdoor properties, making it ideal for dog owners with large farms of approximately 3,281-foot (1,000 meters) radius and up to a max of 776 Acres.

Mostly, a dog invisible fence is ideal for urban settings with small compounds, providing safe outdoor play.


A hunting dog shock collar with GPS can suit you best if you visit open fields or recreational spaces frequently, whereas an invisible dog fence could be the best choice if you're more settled in one location and can meet your pet's exercise needs within the confines of your property.

Uses of GPS Dog Collar

The dog GPS collar is convenient for dog owners and hunters because it guarantees multiple use cases in different scenarios.

  • For instance, the GPS dog training collar provides virtual boundaries to prevent dogs from leaving the designated area. This is useful with owners who have large properties.
  • Portable outdoor solution: The best GPS dog collar guarantees peace of mind for owners who like to visit open fields for recreational activities
  • Hunting dogs often cover a lot of ground while chasing prey, so this dog training collar with GPS allows a hunter to keep up with the dog and prevent them from leaving the boundary.
  • Customizable training levels (Tone, Vibrate, Stimulus shock): Lastly, you can train and reinforce good behavior with a GPS collar for dogs while giving them the freedom to explore without constantly keeping an eye on them.

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