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Replacement Batteries
Replacement Batteries
Replacement Batteries for collar
Replacement Batteries for remote


My Pet Command Replacement Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and Dual USB Charging Cable for Dog Training and Fence Collars Using remotes Starting with DT and DF Model Numbers


Product Description

  • These are a pair of replacement Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Batteries only to replace in your My Pet Command Dog Training and Dog Fence Collars using remotes starting with DT and DF Model numbers only
  • You will Need a Small standard Philips Head screwdriver tool to remove covers of both the remote (Transmitter) as well as the Collar (Receiver) to replace these Batteries.
  • These Batteries come with Plug in Adaptors on the battery leads to connect to the units. Use Square Pin Adaptor for the Collar (Receiver) Units and use the Round Pin Adaptors for the Transmitter (Remote)
  • Used if you need to replace your units Batteries
  • Included items are (1) Dog Collar (Receiver) Battery (1) Transmitter (Remote) Battery, Bonus Dual USB Charging Cable included

Do You Use My Pet Command Brand of Dog Training Collars and inground Fence Kits starting with model numbers DT and DF units ?

Do you need to replace your collars and remotes internal Rechargeable Batteries ?

Depending on your units Usages, over extended time period anywhere from 1-5 years, the Internal Rechargeable Batteries will need replacement as is standard with any Rechargeable lithium Battery

These are replacement Batteries only and there is a specific battery type for the Collar (Receiver) and specific type for the Remote Transmitter. In this Spare parts kit you will get one Battery of each….One for the Collar and 1 for the remote. You will also get a bonus USB Dual charging Cable

Please make contact with us first if you are unsure if these are the correct replacement Batteries for your original units or need any advice

UPC: 0600168680740

EAN: 600168680740

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